List Writing

So, last night at around 10pm I decided it was time for a change, and now here I am writing my first blog post on my shiny new website. It's only been 12 months since I built my last website, but my work has changed so much over that time. The old website had an online shop however as around 95% of my work is custom commissions the old website wasn't really fit for purpose anymore - I will still have my ETSY store where I will be selling ready made products though.

I can't believe it's been 12 months since the launch of the last website and since I attended my first Christmas Market. I feel like I have achieved so much over the last year, but still have so many things I plan to do on my forever growing list. I love writing lists, who doesn't? I have loads of them washi taped to the walls of my studio. 

Here's some of the things on the top of my New Years to do list;

Being a one girl band is hard work you have to be an expert at everything, not that I'm moaning (who am I kidding, I love moaning) being self employed is an absolute dream. Anyway I have some custom orders to be getting on with.