When I graduated from university I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my degree, I didn't start studying until my mid twenties and having already held down a string of pretty miserable jobs, I knew I wanted to start my own company. Experimenting with anything I could get my hands on; printing, sewing, cutting and sticking, I attended a local market with a random assortment of products I had created. Amongst the randomness was my very first embroidered lampshade. Surprisingly to me, the lampshade sold in the first few minutes and I guess, the rest is history. I've been exploring the world of embroidery and textiles ever since, studying and experimenting with hand embroidery, freehand machine embroidery and industrial computerised embroidery machines. 

Since 2016 I've had the incredible honour of having a studio at The Hotwalls Studios in the historic part of my home town, Portsmouth. The Hotwalls is a historical monument converted into artists studios, it provides an inspiring place to work and to show my creations to the public. I now create a wide range of products from lampshades, cushions, bags and accessories, greetings cards and prints. You can find me in my studio throughout the week, just pop in and say hi!